Please email for tour availability after mid-September

We are dedicated to providing the best sea kayak tours in Maine, with excellent service and lots of fun. Tours are offered daily and instruction is included, with all skill levels welcome. Learn more about our scheduled tours below. Contact us today to make your reservation.

What to bring: Please wear non-cotton clothing and comfy shoes/sandals that can get wet. Pack a raincoat/windbreaker, a small snack and water (we have water for purchase at the shop in case you forget it.)

We are taking precautions to make sure that we all stay healthy and safe on a guided trip. Here are some precautions we are taking: 
-All equipment is sanitized before/after each trip. 
-Face coverings must be worn if social distancing from people outside of your household is not possible. Please bring your own face covering (face mask/buff).
-If you sign up for a trip and have an odd number of people, one person will have to go in a single kayak.
-If you are not from Maine, Vermont,  New Jersey, New York, or New Hampshire, you need to self-quarantine in Maine for 14 days or have a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours or arriving in Maine. This is a requirement outlined in the Governor’s “Keep Maine Healthy” plan. By signing up for a tour, you are committing to this policy.  
-We would love to shake your hand and give you a high five, but we are limiting our physical interactions to emergencies only. 
-If you have any signs of illness, you cannot go on a trip.
-Clients need to provide their own snacks, sunscreen, face coverings, and water. We have water, sunscreen, and snacks available for purchase at our shop. 
Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our COVID-19 precautions. Thank you! 
  • One of the best days of my life! The porpoises, the seals, the guide…what a gift!

    Keeling Huntley New Jersey
  • Thank you for two great trips- the fog and sun were both beautiful!

    Cathy and Johnny Alabama
  • This was the most fun I have had in Maine. What an awesome way to connect with nature. We saw osprey, porpoises and harbor seals!! Thank you.

    Mary Jo Young Colorado


Lighthouse Tour

$50 per person (all skill levels)
$30 for kids under 10 years old

Lighthouse Tour

The Lighthouse Tour This tour consists of 15 minutes of instruction prior to a 45- minute trip on the water to the Marshall Point Lighthouse highlighted in the movie Forrest Gump. This tour is recommended first time paddlers.

Monday-Saturday:  8-9 am and 3:30-4:30 pm.

Morning Island Hop Excursion

$70 per person (all skill levels)
$35 for kids under 10 years old

Half-Day Sea Kayak Porpoise Tour – Muscongus Bay

This is a great trip for those who want to spend more time on the water. We launch from Port Clyde Harbor and get a view of the local fishing fleet and Marshall Point. We visit our resident pod of porpoise at porpoise cove and then stop at a private island. We beach the kayaks and give you the opportunity to explore the shore-line before returning to Port Clyde.

Tours are 2.5 hours on the water, allow a half-day.

Monday-Saturday:  10 am. Please arrive at 9:30 am. We will be back at the shop around 12:30-12:45 pm.

Deep Cove Excursion

$60 per person (all skill levels)
$30 for kids under 10 years old

Half-Day Sea Kayak Porpoise Tour – Muscongus Bay

This trip is extremely popular with people who are looking for a shorter paddle. We launch from Port Clyde Harbor and get a view of the local fishing fleet and Marshall Point. We visit our resident pod of porpoise at porpoise cove and return to Port Clyde. We frequently encounter surface feeding mother and juvenile porpoise in our midst.

Tours are 1.5 hours on the water.

Monday-Saturday:  10am (please arrive at 9:30am) or 1:30 pm (please arrive at 1pm). We will be back at the shop around 3pm.

3-day Island Lodge Trip: Dates TBD in 2021

$800 per person (own room in lodge) 
$700 per person (share room with a friend/friends you sign up with)

This is a 3-day (2 night) trip from Port Clyde to Gay Island in Friendship. We will spend our days kayaking and exploring some of Maine’s islands and when we’re not out to sea, activities include exploring trails, paddle boarding, and swimming. There will be optional opportunities for fitness and yoga and plenty of relaxing of course. This trip is only for women who have been in Maine for at least the month of August. Please email to find out more.

Private Lessons

If you want to learn how to kayak and/or want to learn how to rescue yourself and others on the water, we recommend taking a private lesson. We will teach you how to get in and out of the boat properly, how to paddle, how to steer, how to be safe on the water, and if you want to get wet, how to rescue yourself and others!  We recommend 1.5-2 hours for a lesson. We do lessons from Port Clyde or from where you are located if it’s on the water and not too far away. Lessons are a minimum of 90 minutes and are $120/hour ($180 for 90 minutes).

Please call for availability. 

*For kayak tours, kids under 3’10” and 70 pounds sit in the middle hatch in a tandem kayak (minimum age of 3), between a front and back paddler from the same group.  For other children who will paddle in the front of back of the kayak,  we require a minimum age of 10 for paddling. Please call the shop if you have an experienced younger child or if you have any questions about this. We care about the comfort and safety of you and your children! If a kid is under 16 years old, an accompanying adult needs to be on the tour too or you can schedule a private tour.

Cancellation and Reservation Policy
  1. We need a credit card to hold a reservation.
  2. We require 24 hours notice to cancel a tour, and 96 hours for rentals. Anything less will be charged 50%.
  3. Our trips run fog, rain or shine. For obvious reasons, we can not guarantee perfect weather. We will not take clients out in dangerous conditions.
  4. Port Clyde Kayaks will not refund for cancellations made by participants due to perceived inclement weather. However, if Port Clyde Kayaks cancels a trip due to unsafe weather conditions, you will receive a full refund or have the option to reschedule.
Military and First Responder Discount

We offer a 10% discount for active military members and first responders. Please let us know when you come in for the tour and we’ll give you the discount. Thank you for your service!