Ke Nalu ‘Iwa 580 / 775 Foil


‘Iwa 580:

235mm x 580mm – 1084cm2 – aspect ratio 3.33

The 580 is best suited for riders under 170lbs for small waves/swells. Riders up to 200 lbs + in larger waves/swells. It also makes a great wake foil, a light wind kite foil or all around windsurf foil.

‘Iwa 775:

250mm x 775mm- 1496cm2 aspect ratio 4.14

The 775 is the “go to” foil for most in small to medium waves/swells and a good downwind SUP/Surf foil for riders up to 185 lbs.

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  • Wing optimally designed to provide early lift and maneuverability yet still provides a stable platform with great drive.
  • Adjustable rear stabilizer with two mounting positions and AOI (angle of incidence) adjustment with included specially designed washer/shims that allow increments of ½ degree of adjustment.
  • Fully modular system making transport and swapping components easy.
  • Available with both plate and deep Tuttle systems.
  • 66cm (26 in.) pre-preg. Carbon fiber mast
  • Longer fuselage for improved stability.
  • Every foil comes with a protective carrying case.


Fully constructed with pre-preg. Carbon fiber with an aluminum reinforced carbon fiber fuselage that is both stronger and stiffer than either an all carbon or all aluminum fuselage on its own.

Disassemble and rinse with fresh water after each use.

*Weight recommendations are approximate for novice to intermediate riders. Varying conditions and skill levels can affect foil size.

Intended use is for rolling swells not breaking waves. It’s not recommended to take your foil into the surf or breaking waves as it could put forces on the foil beyond its design capacity & potentially cause injury or death to yourself or others. Foiling in the surf or breaking waves is at your own risk.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Wing Size

580, 775


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